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Coleman Road Sanitary Sewer Improvements


City of San Jose

Contract Amount


Project Description

Removal of approximately 2,900 LF of existing 8” – 12” ES VCP Sanitary Sewer Pipe and replacement with sizes and material that vary from 8” to 12” ES VCP, 12” to 18” HDPE corrugated pipe and 8” to 20” HDPE Pipe. Upsizing approximately 3,500 LF of existing 8” and 10” VCP to 14” and 16” HDPE by pipe bursting. Jack & Bore approximately 300 LF of 36” steel casing for 20” HDPE storm and sewer carrier pipe under Almaden Expressway and approximately 600 LF of 24” Steel Casing for 16” HDPE Plug and abandon approximately 2,700 feet of existing sanitary sewer and storm drain pipe and manholes. Remove and replace 32 manholes (including 4 drop manholes)